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OBERF is part of a triad of websites that is designed to collect information on all aspects of consciousness.  The main website is www.nderf.org which studies near-death experiences (NDE).  The next website is www.adcrf.org which studies after-death communication (ADC). OBERF studies all other aspects of consciousness that are not an NDE or ADC.

After Death Communication, ADCRF
Near Death Experience, NDERF

(Several methods on how to have an OBE)

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  SOBE        Spontaneous Out of Body Experience
Meditation, induced or at will (aka frequent flier) Out of Body Experience

Near death experience but without physically dying

  DBV           Death Bed Vision (DBV) is one in which the person may see scenes from the afterlife, beings and bright
                         light at or Nearing End of Life Event (NELE) as far as 6 months prior to time of death

  STE           Other spiritually transformative events
  PRAYER   Healing power of prayer, miracles
  UFO           Unidentified Flying Objects
WV             Waking Vision

These are experiences that don't fit into the above mentioned categories, but
                         contain elements of several categories.

  Dreams/Lucid Dreams


Soul to Soulmate comes at a time when the world desperately needs more love.  This book tells you how to find your soulmate or if you already have a mate, this book tells you how to transform the relationship into one of ultimate love and respect.  As with all relationships, nothing is simple.  There are three portions in the book to understand the basis of human consciousness and behavior, the psychology of relationships and love, and then how to find your soulmate.  The chapter that I was most excited about was the study of soulmates.  In the beginning, I didn’t put a lot of credence to the “love at first sight” and thought it was really “lust at first sight.”  Just as research on this generally accepted concept proved me wrong – there are many other discoveries waiting for you to learn in Soul to Soulmates!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Evidence of The Afterlife

NEWS ALERT: Evidence of the Afterlife became a New York Times bestseller eight days after its release!  There are only 16 books on the bestseller list.  This is the book that is already changing the world! 

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Dr. Jeffrey Long, Jody Long, and Paul Perry have teamed up to write this blockbuster book that became an instant Amazon bestseller after Dr. Long's appearance on NBC's Today Show.  You can see Dr. Long's interview by clicking here.

"Evidence of the Afterlife" is by far the largest scientific study of NDE ever presented, and is based on researching over 1300 NDEs shared with NDERF. This book is scientific in content, yet easy and a delight to read.  The people whose stories are presented span all age groups, races, and religious affiliations and come from all over the world, yet the similarities in their experiences are as awe-inspiring as they are inexplicable.  Using this treasure trove of data, Dr. Long explains how medical evidence fails to explain these reports and why there is only one plausible explanation—that people have survived death and traveled to another dimension.

"Evidence of the Afterlife" is so compelling that it will either validate your existing knowledge or it will heartily challenge your current belief system with nine lines of irrefutable evidence of the afterlife.  There are no explanations, medical or otherwise, that one can reasonably conclude after reading this book except that there is an afterlife!

BOOK REVIEW - by James Delmont, PhD, member, National Book Critics Circle
BOOK REVIEW - by Dr. Ken R. Vincent

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   Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?  By Anthony Kevan Sercombe 
   Astral Projection by Lori A. Alvarez
   How to Have an OBE, by Cezyl
   OBE Validations by Dave Warner

     Bright Night Visions by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. 9/30/13
Survival Research Institute of Canada (SRIC) - all types of research papers and information on psychical research,
   ghost hunting, spiritual healing, and mediumship.
   Science and Paranormal by Chas Griffin 8/2/13



Spiritual Spectrum Overview, In order to fully understand what an out of body experience (OBE) is, it must be understood as one of many related spiritual spectrum phenomena.  An OBE can be defined as an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside the physical body.[1] In this writing, I will look at the history of OBE and research findings on near death experiences (NDEs), the most extreme of OBEs.  An OBE is also compared and contrasted with dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection, and autoscopy. 4/21/02

Review of the Swiss Study on OBEs, by Jody 9/25/02 The study was published in the British journal Nature on 9/19/02.  Several media articles were published based upon this study.  This article takes a look at: 1) the study, 2) the media coverage, and 3) critical discussion of both, the study and the media. 

Healing and Paranormal Gifts: Survey Results Between NDErs and non-NDErs, by Jody 12/23/02  First of all I'd like to thank everyone who participated in this HUGE study.  We had 124 NDErs and 75 non-NDErs who participated in the survey. Without your help, we would never have such startling results to report on! The healing questions pertained to the meaning of healing, whether the participant had experienced any emotional or healing gifts and whether the timing of these gifts was before or after their NDE or other paranormal experience.  They were also asked if they had healed anyone, and if so to explain or give examples.  Past studies are reviewed.  Present tension between medicine and alternative healing is exp

lored.  The main finding of this study is that healing and evidentiality of alternative healing depends on how a person views "healing."  Most of the time the way a person views healing is part of a larger belief system rather than a compartmentalized body of knowledge about the physical body.  




   Part Three: A Multidimensional Model of the Deceased State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
Part Two: A Multidimensional Model of the Released State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
   Part One: A Multidimensional Model of the Dreaming State of Consciousness by Christian Hallman
   Spirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction?  By Anthony Kevan Sercombe
   ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication)&spirit photography by Uday
   Astral Projection by Lori A. Alvarez
   How to Have an OBE, by Cezyl
   OBE Validations by Dave Warner
   Materialization of entities By Uday
   Electronic Voice Projection by Uday 
   Thought Projection onto Computer by Uday
   Dream diary and dream interpretation by Uday
   Guide Contacts by Uday
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Here are our newest experiences: 

Marco Experience  4/5/2014  From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English by Fran.   At that moment, all of a sudden, I felt a strong feeling of lightness, I felt stuck and at the same time I was floating in the air.  The strangest part of my experience was that I felt a slight feeling of happiness and amazement! as if I knew what was going on and where I was, despite I wasn't seeing anything yet around me, because the moment of transition from the dream to feel shapeless was so quickly, the most surprising thing was the fact that my mind was traveling at a breakneck speed… I knew, with my eyes still closed, I was in my room, that I was out of my body, and therefore there was something beyond the physical body and over the death.
Several OBEs.

Walter L Experience  4/13/2014  Suddenly I found myself in 'another dimension'.  I saw a light, whose appearance reminds me strongly of pictures coming from today's space telescopes about star nebula (Andromeda).  It was as if I was floating in space.  And I said to myself: It's so beautiful.  There was a loving warmth emanating from this light. And it became totally clear to me, that we are all One.
STE while in a meditative state.

Sarah J Experience  4/12/14 When I was in my mid 20's I was living in LA and sat outside one cloudy day in the garden, again I wasn't trying to make anything happen or thinking anything metaphysical or profound, I was just relaxing.  Suddenly I felt what I can only describe as the top of my head no longer being there and I was suddenly above my body jut a few feet up, I could see 360 degrees all around me and I suddenly knew that these little chips of consciousness like  "me" were inside every living thing and that we are all the same and perfect, kind of like the light that lights lamps, the shades may make the colors appear different but the light is the same.  The experience was very profound and it has changed me forever.
SOBE while relaxing and ‘Other’ experience.

Doug S Experience  4/12/2014  I had a heart attack Aug. 25th 2007 at 60 years old… While squirming around in the gravel trying to get in a position to lessen the pain I suddenly heard a loud, deep voice, "You now have a choice. You can go or stay". GO, I thought “he means die!” I've never had a fear of death and intuitively felt if I choose to go it would be very blissful and painless and I would just drift off toward that light on the horizon. My eyes were closed and there was a bright light in the distance. I wasn't in a tunnel, but more like tunnel vision. STAY!  I have a choice? I then had a vision. These were like three shadow figures floating between me and the light in the distance. The largest and closest was of my wife Jeanne. I intuitively knew these were inspirations, or reasons to stay!
Remarkable voice and vision during serious heart attack which apparently saved his life.  No separation of consciousness apart from the body, no unconsciousness.

Laurence B Experience  4/5/2014 I realized I was too concentrated on maintaining floating control that I didn't look at the environment and as soon as I reached the ceiling I began to descend and I new somehow it would soon be over, I cant describe the feeling of floating up and down to the ceiling and back , it was amazing, not dream like, very different to anything and the sense was it was truly happening, I was amazed at the "frame rate" of my vision, it seems I was perceiving the room moving super smooth past me as I floated down, that really stood out. 
OBE while seeking to have an OBE.

Roger K Experience  4/5/2014 My first reaction was a thought, "Oh my God, I am not body". I continued to say the mantra, and my mouth felt odd, like it wasn't my mouth moving. My eye sight was like looking thru a pair of 2 foot long tubes and I was watching this from my location outside my body. I had the thought, "I wonder if I could have another thought?" and instantly, I had another thought. I did this three more times until I had four separate thoughts going, doing the mantra and watching the whole thing from outside of my body. Then a very powerful sensation of Joy, Love, and Bliss enveloped me and I felt omnipotent and omnipresent. I had the thought, "I wonder if I will go back into my body when I stop the meditation?", and then I stopped the meditation and was back in my body.
Meditation experience with OBE.

Michelle B Experience  4/5/2014 There were US military men and foreign military men that were leading the US troops in. I Was trying to talk to them and became frustrated that they could not see me. I then went into a camouflage dessert colored underground room. There was a map and lanterns on the table and about 5-7 high ranked officers. They were pointing out towns on a map, saying things like, "neutral area, escorts, and how many trucks were going in, should not be hostile area was evacuated." I tried talking to them as well but again I was ignored. I was then on a truck going with the soldiers there were large mounted guns, an each truck had 8-10 men on it. We were following a native military vehicle… The next morning on CNN they had said that the war had started. I turned and looked at the girl who was standing next to my bunk when I landed and while pointing at the TV I said "I was there!"
Remarkable meditation experience with OBE to beginning of the Desert Storm war while incarcerated.

Chiara Experience  4/5/14  From Italy.  I found myself walking (or floating) in a NYC street. It was night, I remember the yellow lights. The street wasn't much populated, and I was walking by a playground fence around a corner. As I realized that I was in NY, I thought to myself "This means that it's true: I have lived in New York City in a past life". I have always thought I lived there in a past life, because of my childhood obsession with that city.  I felt that "he" was out there (a person I know this lifetime and that I thought I knew in another lifetime). As I had this confirmation about my past life, I though to myself "I have cleared this up, but I shouldn't think of the past now. I have to think about the future and build it for the best". So I left that place, up the tunnel again, and I saw an alternative version of my life in a panoramic view. I could see like a summary of it all. It was basically my life, but with an alternative end. I didn't like it, so I left it.
OBE dream with interesting content.

Janet G Experience  3/31/2014  I had a deep desire to feel the rays of sun on my face, and as I sat receiving this radiating warmth on my face I fell into a deep meditative state.  I felt like I was floating in light and I asked from a profound place in my heart, "Am I on the right track with my studies?  Is this light work where I should proceed?"  That is when I heard a loud, deep voice clearly say, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light."  I opened my eyes to scan the room.  No one was there but I felt a serenity and peace that I had never experienced before.  I remembered hearing that verse in church during gospel readings, so I searched to find the source.  I noticed that I heard the voice clearly say "light" yet in the Bible the word used in this verse if "life" (John 14:6).  This gave me the feeling that my specific question was answered.  It freed me from the box of fear and guilt and it freed me to study, be open and expand my practice of energy therapy and focus my life on service.  All of the suicidal thoughts left me that day.  Through years of study, I grew tremendously.  The total structure of my belief system changed and expanded.
Meditation experience that helped end suicidal thoughts.

Wendy H Experience  3/23/2014 I was cold with terror. I decided to get out of my bed, despite my fear that a snake might be lurking there, and pray to God on my knees. I think my prayer was really very simple, I wanted to live to be at least ten years old.  I became aware of a warm, comforting presence in the room. I could pinpoint the presence, it was unconditional love. I was wrapped in the love and felt a bliss that I have never felt again.  I climbed back into bed with my eyes closed. I had the answer that I was loved, that I was precious. The presence slowly faded, but the feeling of utter peace remained for a long time. It also left me with a strange hunger for the knowledge of God, even though I have had my moments of rebellion.
Prayer experience at age 8 from South Africa.  Shared 51 years later.

John K Experience  3/23/2014  I was engulfed in the most amazing sense of compassion and love I had ever felt. I had never felt anything like this before. I knew that I was being held in Christ’s embrace. All I could see was this warm, golden light, I couldn’t actually see Christ or the Father. God spoke to me in this beautiful, masculine voice, not with words but telepathically. It was amazing. God said to me, “I’m here for you, my child. I love you completely. You are my child, and I am your Father.”  Right then it was conveyed to me that God loved every cell of my body, every molecule, and I felt his love as though I was immersed in this tremendous ocean of love and complete acceptance and forgiveness. God said to me, “I love you, and I have always loved you. There is nothing you could possibly say or do to separate you from my love. You are perfect and will always be perfect.”
Dramatic communication from God while he was a novitiate in a Benedectine monastery and was contemplating suicide.

Babs Experience  3/23/2014  I was participating in a function for a Masonic associated group known as Rainbow for Girls.  More accurately, I was invited to a pool party and preparing for the Grand Assembly, a big Rainbow Girls meeting, where every group in the state gathers.  I can't swim, but we were playing a game where we would slide down a slide and land in a raft below it.  I had slipped off and ended up in the deep end of the pool.  It was ethereal, very dreamlike, once I realized what was happening.  I don't remember if water ever got in my lungs, it was just funny.  I was very afraid and scared, and then I opened my eyes: I could see and breathe underwater, and that shouldn't happen.  I remember both pleasant surprise from this, but also deep concern that I might not make it out of the pool.  So I started walking, almost with no thought of what I was doing, to the shallow end.  Eventually, I heard a voice telling me to go for a hand, then one of the other girls pulled me out and rescued me.  I don't remember ever grabbing her hand, though.
Other experience of altered consciousness at age 12 associated with threat of drowning.

Michelle Experience  3/23/2014 I went to sleep and had another experience of 'coming out of my body'. This time, I could feel my fingers and they felt stiff and I looked at myself sleeping but I did not see my face this time. I then laid back down and what seemed like some kind of swirl of energy? (I think), I left my living room where I had fallen asleep and was in a building that looked familiar. The building was old and I felt that I had been there before. It looked centuries old and I could not compare it to any time period that I have learned about in school. I then told myself that I wanted to go and see my cousin. I became really happy. I was not in a body, I was some kind of essence, and I remember mixing with my cousin's essence and realizing that we were one. I can not explain, but we are all one thing. I could feel that it was her, but I was 'mixed' with her, and I realized that we are all one. I was left very confused when I woke up. I may have the sequence of events incorrect as I could not feel time.
OBE dream with interesting content.

Erick N Experience 3/26/14 from Kenya. As I was being held tight, something like body freeze, I could not move or move any part of my body...I slept into death or something like that. I saw my body on bed... while myself, I started to move through a tunnel, a dark tunnel...at the furthest end of the tunnel, I could see some light, very bright light....so as I was moving towards the light, two beings were talking to me, sought of flying on top of my body...one told me that I was actually dying...another welcomed me to someplace. So I slid into the tunnel further and further, someone from across the tunnel shouted, 'Erick you are dying, wake up refuse, make a decision if you want to die.'  I resisted, I held myself tight and I awoke from the bed.
OBE.  Classic sleep paralysis symptoms of paralysis and fear.  NDE-like content.

TyLeishia D Experience  3/2/2014  Three days had gone by and I was still in the hospital. I was literally and physically blind, but not declared by the doctors legally blind. I could see blank white light in the daytime and nothing but darkness at night.  I was unable to see any form or shape.  On that third night, while lying in the hospital bed, I was in a peaceful place I had never experienced before.  I was at the top of a high, effervescent mountain and I was sitting among one of many large stones.  A silhouette appeared and a mysterious arm draped with a white cloak of some sort covered it.  I could feel a mild and meek presence sitting beside me on the stone.  I saw a strange, purplish color that hovered over the earth below me.  There were several tiny lights, which appeared to be the light of many souls. I heard a soft, still voice say, “This is why you cannot stay here, you must go back.” I was disappointed saying, “But I don’t want to go back.  It is so peaceful and happy here.  Please don’t make me go back!”  I heard nothing after I responded, but I saw the silhouetted arm pointing in a downward motion below the mountains.  I heard the voice again, softly fading out, firmly saying, “Do you see all these? You must go back.” I could not figure out if it meant the tiny lights or the unexplainable purplish color I had seen over the city-like scene below.  I tried to savor that moment, but it was gone in a twinkling of an eye.   
Inspiration STE and power of prayer.

Jo S Experiences  3/2/2014 We were on a mountain, like in Pennsylvania, wooded and filled with brush.  It was fall moving into winter, and the sky was gray and the colors very faded and brown. It was windy and I had on a jacket.  I remember leaning over a cliff and just lost my balance. I remember falling frantically for a more sustained period then my short waking up falls. I don't remember ever hitting the ground. Next thing I know, I was in the most beautiful, spectacular garden with a white brick path and carefully pruned grass.  I think there was a river at the edge, but I didn't focus much on that. The colors were so brilliant, and I felt such a sense of peace and joy.  There was a small piano that was rainbow colored.  I think there was a bird bath and birds, maybe bunnies too.  I wanted to stay but I couldn't hold onto the image eventually.
Several OBEs starting as dreams.

Menatsea'h Experience  2/24/2014 From Madagascar.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.    Words are not enough to express this impression, of being in unity with the visible and invisible cosmos, starting with the tiniest particle, up to the distant projection of thought.
OBEs with some lucid dreams.

Carlos K Experience  2/23/2014 The whole of Heaven was loudly celebrating and rejoicing with me on my arrival! I was back!!! I could "hear" heavenly bells, trumpets, angelic choirs, laughter and all kinds of happy, joyful sounds of infinite gladness for which we have no name here on earth because those things do not exist here. I felt the unspeakable, all encompassing, unconditional Love of God for me. It felt really "personal" and because of its unconditional character is almost incomprehensible. To the point where I thought: "All this Love for me? Who am I? I am just a boy who grew up in a middle-lower class family, in a regular neighborhood, went to a regular school. I have no accomplishments. Never done anything remarkably special. I'm just a regular guy, a normal human. What I have done to deserve this? Is ALL this LOVE really for me?". The moment I finished that thought I was instantly "swallowed up" by this amazing Love. "I" was completely GONE! There was nothing but Love. No me, no God... just eternal, incomprehensible, indescribable, total, complete, absolute LOVE.
Exceptionally profound STE.  Among the most remarkable and detailed STEs ever shared with NDERF.

Jenny L Experience  2/23/2014 I immediately thought that there could be an earthquake since in that year there had been big earthquakes happened at the place where I lived. When I arrived at the grocery, I bought stuff very quickly in afraid of being stoned to death if an earthquake happened. When I went home, I told my mother there could be an earthquake since there were too many stars in the sky. My mother didn't take it serious and didn't bother to go outside to look. When I went to bed around 9:00pm, I chose to take a position that let me run quickly. When I just felled into sleep, I heard my mother screamed to me "Earthquake, Run out!" I waked up and run out. It is around 11:30pm.  I didn't check if there were still many stars in the sky. Later I never talked about this experience to other people except my mom since I think other people will not believe me and laugh at me.
Premonition about an earthquake at age 11.

Tammy S Experience  2/23/2014 From France.  A few seconds after I felt the energy I felt my whole body began to freeze and tingle and I didn't know what was happening.  I remember feeling a bit frightful yet let go of the fear somehow.  The next thing I knew I heard this loud tornado type noise and I was going through some sort of tunnel.  On the other side there were about 50 light beings that appeared 'Casper the friendly ghost' like.  They were all stacked on top of each other like they were on bleachers.  There were no faces - just white light.  I heard the sound of clapping yet I didn't see any clapping.  I didn't know why they were clapping.  I began to float past them all and I remember the feeling of looking intensively to see if I knew any of them.  After I floated for a while looking I went back to this energy that talked to me - but have no idea what they said - and shortly after I remember the feeling of going back into my body. When I came to I knew this was something major.
Meditation experience in an unearthly realm.

Linda P Experience  2/23/14  At the beginning I mentioned that it was a cloudy day in order to highlight what seemed to me like a bright spotlight on the wall right below the ceiling.  It was a very grey cloudy day and yet there was this bright light.  I still don't know what to think about that, and that might not be worth mentioning because it could have been from a light in the room.  But I want to emphasize that right before I was out of my body, I was attracted to that spotlight right under the ceiling.  I am sure the ceilings  are about eleven feet.  And it almost seems that the light spurred this experience on.  But I will never really be sure about that.  I am sure that  I didn't see that light at the beginning or even during the middle of the audition.  I just saw it before the OBE. 
Dramatic SOBE during critical audition for a prestigious piano school.

Pam V Experiences  2/16/2014 During some point in time, I started to hear the Lord's prayer in my head. At first I thought I was just praying to myself, but I heard multiple voices (men and women) saying the prayer. After a short amount of time, my heart stabilized for the staff to bring my husband in to watch and begin the procedure. One of the nurses commented that it was really odd.  I didn't think much of it until I learned that my aunt had started a prayer circle at the same time this incident occurred. I figured it must explain hearing multiple voices reciting the Lord's prayer… I didn't think much about it until I later learned about the prayer circle. After that, I AM CONVINCED BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that what happened was real, and that divine intervention occurred to save both my and my child's life.
Heard prayer during delivery when her and baby’s heart was irregular.  Recovery attributed to prayer circle.

Lex H Experience  2/16/14  I was now standing outside on a balcony.   How I had gotten there I didn't know, I simply thought, 'what am I doing out here.'  The fact that my bedroom was on the first floor, and I was now on a second floor balcony didn't shock me either, but merely interested me.  So I looked around and inspected this balcony.  It looked as though it must be attached to log cabin styled structure.  The walls of the balcony were a light pine color and the logs were very large.  Like 'modern log cabin' style.  I then looked out over the balcony and saw a beautiful view of a mountain road covered in snow.  I was situated near the bottom of a long and winding road and the snowscape was beautiful. 
Remarkable OBE with premonition of experience that was duplicated a year later.

Virginia C Experiences  2/10/2014 Soon I felt a shaking under me, a sort of trembling of the earth and a sense of "take off" on gets on a jet plane. The birds came alive with song and movement at the joy of the sun's rising. The light seemed to fill inside of me the grass stared to move and insects began to crawl through my fingers. I was PART of it all in some sort of celebration of creation and existence. It was as if I were a conductor at the greatest performance of the "Hallelujah Chorus" ever. I only wiggled my fingers and toes some but I felt a slight floating and inner warmth and a "communion" with God, whom I knew nothing of then. I continued to lie in that manner for about another half hour after sun rise. Then I heard my Mother was up and ran into the house to excitedly share this great experience, but was told to pipe down. I figured adults knew about this too but didn't want to speak about it. Nature became my church after that and I developed a sort of communion with the creation others didn't seem to get.
Remarkable STE at age 4.  Shared 57 years- she is an attorney.

John M Experience  2/2/2014 The sky exploded! The curtain had been pulled away and the fractal pattern of the Universe had been revealed. The data coming into my head was the equivalent of moving from darkness to candlelight...to flashlight and then to a magnesium fire. The fractal crystalline structure grew exponentially. I ""saw"" my family, my friends, my acquaintances, my patients, everyone I would ever meet, everyone they would ever meet, every energetic thing we've all interacted with... Only for a moment it appeared as a soccer ball before it became so complex that it would be easier to say it was a ball of crystalline fire. However, it would also be accurate to say that it was like an atomic structure because its volume was mostly empty space.  Source was still with me as I extended my intention to various places. I was happily surprised to find a friend, a stranger, a tree, a rock, another plant, another life form, another planet.  “Oh, you want me to remember that we are all interconnected. Friend, family, foe, tree, rock, planets, solar systems, galaxies, and so on. We are part of Source. Source is infinite and connected to all. Ergo, we’re all connected to everything!"
Remarkable STE after severe illness.

Maggie H Experience  2/2/2014 From Australia.  I see a women, a little older me, she has curly long ash blonde hair, she is on her knees and she is in great despair, I feel her loss and pain. She goes to the bathroom cupboard and retrieves a razor, I look at my guide, but he looks calm. He asks me "How would you help this women?" I am now frantic because she can't see us and her pain is overwhelming, I get the impression that she has lost a child. I say "I don't know how, what do I do, can she us? Then he walks behind her. She is kneeling and sobbing, just as she is about to break the skin on her wrists, he gently puts his hands on her shoulders, and she is now aware of us being there, She turns to us in Awe and says "Are you Angels?"
Remarkable STE dream.

Anna R Experience  2/2/14 From the UK I 'knew' my body was still sitting comfortably on the sofa but I could no longer feel it or care about it.  There was absolutely no fear or concern about anything.  I felt that I was floating in a void of ecstatic nothingness, immensely peaceful and happy with waves of energy flowing over me, powerfully strong, irresistible and right.  Suddenly I realized that they were not waves of energy but that it was I that was the energy and this realization made me drop my last connection to human existence.  I was no longer separate and floating on energy, I was it and my body/consciousness grew and stretched out until I filled the universe.  The sense of speed was unlike anything on Earth.  I was all, accepted all.  At that point I recognized that I knew everything there is to know about existence - or rather that there was an absence of questions in me.  There was no time in this state.
SOBE while sitting on a couch.

Julie A Experience 2/2/14 From the UK  Instead of hitting the ceiling I burst into thus brilliant bright light of golds and silver ( I can only use these words as the nearest earthly description of where I was however, the intensity of the colors and feeling I describe are much more in strength, color and intensity than words can say. Take the brightest light and multiply it many times. The warmest feeling and multiple it etc) I felt cocooned in this wonderful warmth, softness and peace ( I imagine it is how a baby would feel in its mother's womb. Just as I was looking around me in wonder I heard a voice but the voice spoke to my mind, and I answered with my mind. No words were verbally spoken.  The voice (which I instinctively trusted and loved) said " you can carry on if you want to."
SOBE with interesting detail.

Mark B Experience  1/29/2014 Outside the gates, I was startled to find that I had 360-degree vision, and that I could hear distant, whispered conversations at will.  Realizing that this "ultimate punishment" simply set us free, I rushed back to death row, hoping to assure the other inmates that they had nothing to fear.  As I passed the death chamber, I was totally unconcerned to see my body double strapped into the chair, apparently dead.  Of much greater significance to me was the fact that I appeared to be invisible to both the execution witnesses and the guards.  On death row, however, I found that I was visible to the few innocent men, and to those who had repented their crimes, while the hardened criminals remained oblivious to my presence.  Among the former was an inmate we all thought was crazy, because he was always mumbling to himself.  But as I passed his cell, he looked up at me and smiled, and I realized for the first time that he was praying. 
Fascinating STE intertwined with a prisoner on Death Row.

James R Experience  1/27/2014 My preconceptions of right and wrong melted away. I did not feel judged in any way, I felt completely accepted. Everything was meaningful in my life and nothing I had experienced was wasted. The only things that now mattered in my past life were the times I had shown loving compassion to other people and living things. Then I felt enormous, limitless, feelings of joy, love, compassion and empathy for humankind and all living things. I felt intimate kinship with all humanity.
Remarkable and transcendent STE while at the computer listening to music.

Carlos P Experience  1/27/2014  From Portugal.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra. I began to listen a very beautiful and unknown music, but very melodious. At the same time that I was listening I started to feel Peace, relaxed, and a sense of well-being as I never felt before. Something amazing!  I thought that because I never felt anything like that, despite my age, I could be CROSSING from this life to another one, in other words, that I was Dying, but the feeling was not of death itself but a PASSAGE for a much more pleasant situation.
The feelings and the music made this an STE for him.

Jonathan D Experience  1/21/2014  So, it may return to you in the next days or weeks, spontaneously. I will now count to three, and at the count of three you will leave this sphere and you will be transported to another energetic place that you need to visit, an energetic place where perhaps guides are waiting for you, or beings of light are awaiting you, if it is appropriate. One... take a deep breath, two... and three. And you let yourself be transported to an energetic place...
Past-life regression.

Parle Experience  1/21/2014  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  And suddenly I sensed a flow of ... energy, cleansing, love...( I don't know how to define it differently) picking me up, as if this flow was coming from the bottom of the vortex and took me up into space. I say space, because it seemed to me that I was outside my body and floating, seeing the earth, the moon and the sun at the same time. And at the same time I knew that I was still at home, as I could hear my dog who was sitting beside me, he was moaning for me; I never in my life felt so good , I wanted to remain for ever in this moment of rapture, but I also knew  that I would calmly come back. But during this union, this 'cleansing' I felt a message was conveyed; I cleary say I felt, as this message didn't consist of words but it translates as: 'the most important thing is to love', and I repeated this constantly while I floated.
STE after losing beloved pet.

Amy K Experience 2909 1/19/14  I saw him out of my peripheral vision, and I mean as soon as, instantly "I" was standing behind myself about 2 feet and could see everything from an outsider's perspective. On my right was my 16 yr old son grabbing his cup and taking a sip of his drink and at the same time (like a double exposure on a film) I saw him at 3 or so years old hanging onto my left leg and me handing him a sippy-cup. The 16 yr old him said "Thanks Mom" in unison with the 3 yr old him saying "Dank you Mommy". As soon as the 16 yr old walked out of the room, and again instantly, I was staring down at my cup of coffee, stirring the creamer and sugar with my spoon and I was a little dizzy. The entire event from start to finish couldn't have been any longer than 10 seconds, but I had an overwhelming desire to run after him to his room and hug him.
SOBE with interesting experience of seeing son at current age of 16 and also at age 3.

Rachel Experience  1/19/2014  There was so much love beaming from the light it filled my heart with joy and peace.  After basking in the love and joy and peace the golden light parted showing me a blue sky and clouds.  some clouds had only a few people on them.  One cloud had several people on it and the man standing in front of all those people held out his hands and magnetically pulled the cloud I was standing on towards his cloud and as soon as I was at his cloud I was instantly transported back to my room and my spirit and soul still were not entirely back inside my body and I felt like I was walking on air and it took a week to get entirely back inside my body.
STE Probable Dream.  Detailed experience.

Christine G Experience  1/19/2014  Everything got slow and was quiet as I started to float instead of fight. I then saw something coming towards me from afar, getting bigger and bigger until it reached me- it was (remember, this was dream) bubble letters that spelled GOD. I was not raised any religion and was fairly doubtful there was such a thing, but in the dream I wrapped my arms around it and was suddenly enveloped in this light- it was golden- and it was everything and nothing at the same time. There were no questions or answers, as if they weren't necessary in this place. Everything was perfect, warm, and loving in a way I can't imagine explaining in words… I was born via C section and was very premature- my lungs had not developed yet and I had ""water in my lungs""- the doctor told my parents there was nothing they could do, they should baptize me and say goodbye as I was suffocating quickly. My mother told me I was completely blue when they saw me- I couldn't breathe.  I truly believe the dream I had at 15 was my remembering this experience from birth…
Possible birth remembrance.

Michele C Experiences  1/19/2014   I can be walking, driving a car, staring out of a window and all of a sudden with no warning I am in a different place ( and no there is nothing wrong with my cognition).  When this happens where I am disappears along with me.  An example would be one time while driving my car, I found myself in another reality. I would like to think I was in the presence of God because that is what it felt like to me. It is definitely 'holy'.  I 'came back' minutes later, I knew it was minutes, because of where I was on road before the experience happened and where I was after the experience happened (I have no idea how the car stayed on the road and how it got driven). Yet when I am in this other reality or state of consciousness there is no time and I am beyond the five senses.  Words, information, feelings, understandings, etc. are not transmitted or felt in a linear fashion.  It's all there at once and you just get what your supposed to see, experience and understand and you KNOW it is truth.
Multiple experiences starting at age 14 of unworldly consciousness.

Paula Experience 1/19/14 I went to sleep as usual. A vivid dream like event took place. I floated up in warmth and this lasted for a long time. I was far beyond home before the bright light found me a home at the landing of a feeling of unconditional love. I didn’t understand it all until last week . 22 years later I realize that the feeling I felt is all the love from my family and friends that is there for me. I cannot wait to go back. I miss all so much. I am sure that there is more than what is here for us. It would do us all well to remember the love. Express our love and be loving. It is important.
SOBE with visit to unearthly realm with great love.

Frank S Experience  1/19/2014 From the UK.  At this point I just Stopped, I mean one-second I’m travelling at what seemed to be thousands of miles per hour, the next I’m not. But there was no transition period! One second I’m falling through this tunnel the next I’m not.  I am just floating in space no longer in the tunnel.  All around me are billions of stars.  not like you would see when you look up at the night sky. These appeared to be yellow spheres all exactly the same size; same color (flame yellow) and appeared to be exactly the same distance apart, totally uniform.  But what was odd I could see them all exactly the same. (“Sorry this is hard to explain ”) It didn’t matter how distant the stars were from me, I could see them all exactly the same. It’s though width and depth didn’t exist , yet I could perceive  width and depth.  I remember just looking at this beautiful scene.
Remarkable OBE during meditation experience.

Kirk H Experiences 1/5/14 Being only 7 or 8 to 9 years of age I didn't know how to explain these events to my parents nor anyone else at the time.  But I knew that almost every evening after going to bed I would float around the room; sometimes in grade school when the class was very quiet studying for example, I would be floating above my class mates for a few minutes… I got sort of used to this happening on almost a regular schedule.
SOBEs regularly around age 7-9.  Shared over 60 years later.

Sally Experience 1/5/14 Suddenly, I saw myself from behind my head, and to the right, but through the sockets of my eyes as if I was in a grand theater holding up binoculars, as myself acting (autonomously from this dual conscious thought) with words and movement on its own, and this dual conscious thought was also watching the audience in front of my physical body as they laughed boisterously at all the right moments. I also felt my body reveling in the enjoyment of this intense high, that these people were so enthralled by my comedic performance, and caused my physical movements and verbiage to be more pronounced, inciting more laughter. I remember thinking wow, I'm having this completely separate thought while the rest of me is there, continuing to do what is warranted creatively.
SOBE while acting on a stage.

Sara W Experience  12/28/2013  It was also a place of great learning I felt. I saw great pillars go up to a ceiling I couldn't see because it was too high. The walls were made of glass and light came in through them. It felt like a train station/University. Then an elderly couple walked past me arm in arm. They were smiling and talking and the man glanced over at me. When he saw me looking at him he did a double take and nudged his wife and said something like ""she is aware of us"". He stopped and came to talk to me. I noticed other people stopping and looking at me too. He acknowledged my wound I was holding and asked if it hurt. I said yes but it was fine. He asked if I was ready. I said no.
Dream with information that there was an afterlife that would be important to her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a year later.

Joey Experience 2904 12/28/13 Somewhere between consciousness and sleep, I feel the acoustic bumps of the ceiling being right at the tip of my nose. Opening my eyes, I find that I am, in fact, an inch from the ceiling of my bedroom.  I turned my head, to see myself laying in bed, eyes closed.  At that split second, I awoke with a start and a gulp of breath, sitting straight up in bed, shocked, but curious.
OBE dream at age 11-12.

Stephen I Experience  12/15/2013 & 12/28/13 I decided to turn this experience over to a consciousness greater than mine and I said out loud, “OK, somebody show me something that I wouldn’t think of or expect!” Instantly I found myself standing at the boarder of a long and narrow cemetery. The headstones were quite beautiful and instead of grass, the ground was covered with white gravel. It kind of looked like headstones sticking out of snow. The next thing I know there are all these people coming towards me and they were increasing in number. I couldn’t understand where they were coming from and then I noticed they were popping out of the ground! They weren’t zombies or anything like that, just ordinary people popping out of what I assumed to be their graves. They were all coming towards me and many of them were talking to each other as if they knew each other.
Interesting lucid dream and a prophetic dream.

Bella C Experiences  12/15/2013 When we returned to Puerto Rico, while enjoying a beach day, I went in the beach and suddenly my legs paralyzed.  I laid at the floor of the beach for 3 or 5 minutes.  I remember this experience because I was 11.  I was desperate trying to reach for air, I try to hold my arm up in case someone could see me.  I know how desperate a person feels when he is drowning.  Suddenly I felt a calmness over me.  I saw through the water a vision of my family at my funeral crying.  I did not want to die at that time.  I start praying Our Father and ask God to let me live because I want to be a wife and a mother.  Suddenly a force pushed me up and I was walking again.  My aunts and parents saw me and ran towards me.  They did not know where was I.  I was sick for over a week because of all the water I swallowed.
Varied experiences from age 2-3 to adulthood.

Michael L Experience  12/15/2013  Angels and voices spoke to me. I had resigned myself to death at the time and had made my peace with myself. The voices in a void or different place than earth spoke clearly to me informing me i would live and had a mission to carry out that would only become clear to me over time. The information I was provided also detailed events about my relatives that I found to be true despite they contradicted my prior knowledge. I was told my selection for this purpose was not clear but alluded to the fact I had lived a decent life and was a soul god favored. The one mission, which was not to be the main purpose of my life, was to inform people of my conviction and gratitude to god.
STE at time of liver failure.  Received information that he could not possibly have known at the time.

Lorraine  R Experience 2/3/07 & 12/15/13   From Australia.  As we studied, someone brought a pile of even more beautiful books and offered them to us. I said " we have more than enough, why not give them to someone who needs them more than we do. As I said this I was sent soaring high up above the earth, looking down it was dark but I could see the lights of cities. I was shown and told that each of us is bound to the others. I was told that it is like a thread that weaves and binds and goes through each of us. This makes us all the same. The thread that binds us together is LOVE. As I was told this my whole body was suffused with the most amazing feeling of love that I have never yet experienced on earth and I understood totally that we are all one . It was totally overwhelming. I said to the being or teacher or God, " Why don't people understand that we are all the same, all colors and races and religions, if only people understood this there would be no more wars or hatred or greed or selfishness. There would be peace on Earth. Then I heard a voice. It just said one word, it was a male voice. He said;' Exactly' then it was as if thousands of voices joined in and echoed Exactly.

Joshua Experience  12/13/2013 Suddenly, the little girl I had awoken came up behind us. She tugged my sleeve to get our attention and asked the Irishman "where do I go now?" in a soft and inquisitive voice. He pointed toward the archway and said something reassuring. The girl smiled sheepishly and asked what she would find there. The man replied that she could only find that out for herself. She smiled and walked across the meadow to the archway. She walked through smiling and the light flashed.  Suddenly the tone of my conversation with the glowing man took a somber tone. I got the sense that this man knew everything, and that he was very familiar with me. I knew he loved me, and I knew he was proud of me for some reason I could not understand. He continued to alternate between calling me father, son and brother. I asked the man about death. He asked what I wanted to know about it. I asked "will I be judged?"
Remarkable STE dream.

Lindsay J Experience 12/13/13 I felt totally calm and at peace as I took note of my sleeping body below. I saw my husband and his sister. I saw the exact same scene that I had been apart of as I drifted off to sleep, only now I was viewing it from the ceiling. I remember thinking how cool it felt! Something brought my attention to the hall and I was suddenly there. It was almost like I had passed through wall above the doorway. I saw my Father walking down the hall toward my room and felt happy that he was there.
OBE during delivery at age 17.  Remarkable confirmed OBE observation in hall outside of where she was sleeping.

Terry H Experience  12/13/2013 The second time I went out was some years later, I was working a job in Independence MO. It was the evening of Valentines Day, I was missing my wife and kids, so I thought I would go visit them in W. P MI., that night. The next morning at 6 a.m. I got a call from my wife, she said you need to talk to the boys. She said they came into our room looking for you, they thought you had come home. They said I had checked on them that night, so they knew I was home. They were disappointed I was not home.  That was the longest trip I had made yet, and was very enlightening, as well as very scary.
Several interesting OBE experiences.

Aki S Experience 12/13/13 It was 36 years ago that I left my country to come to USA to go to school as an exchange student. The communication with my family was some how very limited, maybe once a month. Regardless of long distance, I was very close to my family especially my mother. It was about 30 years ago while I was sleeping my mother came to my dream laying down in bed and told me " Aki I missed you a lot, but I am dying".
OBE and reunion with deceased mother.

Will M Experiences  12/13/2013 The bass player and the singer both agreed, though, that at the time of my collapse, they saw my spirit rise up out of my body.  The doctor in the audience did CPR, and I was cardioverted three times in the ambulance and in the emergency room.
Two people witnessed soul leaving his body at time of cardiac arrest.

Peter Experience  11/23/2013 From the UK.  He had a sash/rope/belt around his waist. He was above me. I could only see him from the waist down, I could not see his upper body or face. He looked kind of normal, just wearing funny clothes, like from an historical movie. He said nothing, but simply 'threw' his hands down towards me, palms facing one another. From between his hands came a river of fire that flooded into me and all over me. I felt like I had been hit by a lightning bolt or a freight train but it did me no harm. I was absolutely flooded with joy and delight and strange unearthly feelings like love and peace but so much better. All my senses activated and I started shouting 'Jesus, My Master, My Master!' I fell on the floor again and started crying with joy.
Prayer experience.

Germaine P Experience  11/23/2013  The depressing, lifeless scenery reminded me of my first glimpse of a Pakistani landscape when we drove from the airport to the hotel: dirt encrusted trees dangled black plastic garbage bags from their leafless branches. Desert sand appeared everywhere in Karachi, creating a beige, muted impression which caused me to squint when I went outside. Here, too, I squinted to adjust my eyes to the dimness. Where was I?  Thick, gooey mud was all around me. Then, just as I thought there was no life, I saw people in the distance. ""How strange,"" I thought, ""they're not wearing any clothes."" Only their backs, not their faces were visible, but I sensed hopelessness in their bent heads and heavy steps. They all walked in the same direction with no apparent destination. In their slow procession to nowhere, they reminded me of scenes from the Holocaust where Jewish prisoners were marched off to the gas chambers.  Unexpectedly, one of the men in the back row turned his head to the side. It was my husband.
OBE dream with powerful spiritual message.

Harvey A Experiences  11/24/2013  All I know is that my mother said I had pneumonia as a baby and I died, or nearly died. a few years later I had an experience, and then another experience a year later… When I was about 2. I remember lying in our parlor and looking up at the sky and discussing with myself the concept of everlasting.  I know I was that age because my head was on the rug which was about 15 inches from the wall, my buttock was against the wall with my legs up the wall under a window.  A few clouds in the sky, and I wondered how heaven could be everlasting.  It seemed that there should be an end, no there is no end.  That is strange. In my youth I knew things about the future, and I did not think that was different from anyone's thinking.
Other experiences throughout life.  Shared at age 90.

Dennis H Experience  11/24/2013 Physically, I knew what was taking place but could not communicate it to the others at the house and after a period of time I left to drive home. I do not remember driving home or anything else that happened to me from the time I said my goodbye's that evening until waking the following morning in my bed.  I awoke that next morning with the memory of soaring with my impish companion over the earth and through the universe and experiencing the birth of galaxy's and deaths of older fragile galaxy's. I was shown many wondrous sites and experienced many un-explainable feelings. One memory I did retain was a futuristic foggy image of a hospital room with a concerned nurse named Anna and a technician named Gabe and the dark shadows allowing me to return to my body.
Entity encounter- with remarkable OBE journey.

Gabrielle M Experience  11/17/13  From Denmark.  Original in Danish, translated to English by Metteline.  When I read the book I suddenly realized for the first time that I’d had an NDE and that all the time I was in a coma, I SAW things that happened in the hospital room from the outside, at the same time that I heard things from the outside and felt things from the inside. So yes, I was in a deep coma at the time, but I HAD been “outside” my body!  I SAW my mother and father and I SAW the nurses AND heard what they said. When they tried to take my respirator away the first time I BOTH saw it from the outside and felt it from the inside, but didn’t care at all if my body died. I didn’t want to leave that “place” where I was AND it felt physically horrible, as though I was suffocating. At that time I was closer to waking up, since I felt it all physically. That’s probably why they wanted to take away my respirator. While I was in the deepest coma I was being operated on, and I felt nothing at that time – at least nothing physical.
STE/OBE that was remembered after reading Anita Moorjani's book.

Carla D Experience  11/17/2013  That this place is where we come from, a silver light that exists that consciousness of all and of one. I became aware that there is no good or evil, that there simply is being. I became aware that things that happen, like war, serve a purpose as a lesson for humanity. I came to understand the purpose of the human existence, and my own existence, which is to love. I began to think of my future, and my purpose. I realized that my purpose is to allow people to experience what I was experiencing, and to spread that love.… It was absolutely real. I have no doubt in my mind that was I experienced was real and not simply a drug induced hallucination.
STE following illicit drug use.

Dolores M Experience  11/17/2013 I started coming out beginning from my feet and then my whole body was out and I saw a light and was felt this incredible speed and saw I was passing Dumbarton bridge, then after passing Dumbarton, I went through a tunnel and to out of space-everything I saw and traveled was so incredible fast and bright-confusing, frightening (hard to explain), but I thought I was in outer space.  I got so frightened and do not how or do not remember I came back to my body.  I steel feel the sensation of coming back-it was like coming back to a mold or frame like feeling a mold with plaster (some kind of matter).  The same how I left my body I came back.  It was my foot first and then the rest of my body.
OBE with OBE out of house then into space.

Justin A Experience  11/17/2013 The best way to describe what it felt like is that I felt I was being electrocuted, but there was no pain. I continue to just lay there in bed I thought to myself that "this is awkward"  At first I was scared, but thought to myself "stay clam let's see what happens." Then I felt my feet and legs raising out of my body and the floating sensation worked it way all the way up my body with my head being the last to leave my body.  When my feet raise, it felt like someone grab my feet and starting pull me out of bed and anchor my feet to my bedroom floor.  I was completely out of body standing in the middle of my room.  My room still look the same as if I was awake in this reality, but with some slight changes.
SOBE over body.

Ahmed M Experience  11/17/2013 Exactly at 7:23 PM my aunt Najla showed up exactly like I had seen 15 minutes prior. When my Aunt Najla left I went right back to astral field. Everything that was in my house I had seen and now I own. I seen a DVD shelf with it completely full. Did not own at the time. I own now. My family asked, "Where my sister Fatima was." I told my family my sister Fatima is not welcome here because she stole from me. I was 33 years old and my sister stole from me. I was setting up my entertainment center in my house. It is a 61 inch TV with a 7.1 surround sound. Did not own at age 28. I bought it at age 34. My family asked how I made my money and told them I published a book. In 2009 I published my book.
Remarkably accurate premonitions of near and far future events.

Christiane P Experience  11/10/2013  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I'm transmitting my fear to cease existing, that if our course is not taking another direction we will be colliding with this SUN.  He answers me: (by thought) "Christiane, don't worry, all is well, everything is in its place, above all don't worry. You know death doesn't exist !" Then, I'm convinced, deeply convinced and I know that death doesn't exist. We continue the journey towards the Sun, that is aspiring my bubble. The Sun is approaching and when it's crossing my bubble, I'm enveloped in an orange-red light, I see the fire at the surface of the SUN and this LIGHT is LOVE without a word, without the possibility to describe its intensity, its strength, its power. It's a LOVE that surrounds me, loves me, letting me know that I'm of his  nature, I am Love, it's my original nature. There's nothing else existing, it's all that is. I AM, I'm at home. I know that I'm Love, that I come from this LOVE and that I will return to this LOVE. I came back home....
STE after falling asleep.

Irma B Experience  11/3/2013 From France.  So many they don't really matter, only that I now know that this life is a dream and crossing over is the only reality. OBE, astral travels, messages from deceased people, instant telepathy, "seeing" what goes on in people's lives, healing people, being in more than one place at once and being "everywhere". All of this can be verified by people who received the messages I got from deceased relatives, plenty healing testimonies, being in two places testimonies, etc… common denominator: time does not exist, these experiences happen in a different realm where there's only "peace", they're more real than what I'm writing here :).
Multiple experiences throughout life of an unearthly realm of existence.

Marianne P Experience  11/3/13 She had entered the active phase of dying and was quickly moving to agonal breathing.  She appeared comfortable, eyes closed seeming to be unaware of her surroundings.  I told her I was there at the foot of her bed.  She continued the agonal breathing, opened her eyes, focused on me in the room, winked at me, and took 3 more breaths before she passed.  I had never experienced anything like it.  Once a person begins agonal breathing I had never seen them become conscious again even though I know they hear.  As soon as she passed one of her daughters found a drawer full of hand written letters to her family telling them she was ok and not to weep for her. These were all written approx a week before her death.  It was one of the sweetest experiences I have had to date but there are hundreds more to also validate life after death.
Deathbed experience of lady dying of breast cancer as told to her hospice worker.

Paula K Experience  10/26/2013 I remember beginning to pray to God to heal me. I begged for him to take the pain away and I remember thinking that if I couldn't be healed that I would die. It seemed like I was in that well for eternity. The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning and walking down the stairs to get my meds. My head was still very fuzzy from the medication and I was telling the other girls that I had been out of my body. After two more doses of the medicine I thought I could be having an allergic reaction so I stopped the Tamiflu and went to see the doctor. I told him that I had experienced being out of my body and he said I had an allergic reaction. Well it was a very short lived flu because the next day I was perfectly fine, in fact I felt like a new person and I was full of love for everyone. It was so amazing because I suddenly felt like I had this big secret, like I had discovered the keys to the universe. I felt one with my creator and overwhelmed with love and joy and compassion.  Everybody at the center was astounded at this transformation.
STE and power of prayer at critical time in their life.

Lori N Experience  10/26/2013  Somewhere during this surgery I found myself somehow being embraced by Jesus in a great throne room of brilliant light and a love that was beyond description.  I was being completely saturated to the brim with a most heavenly LOVE and kept being embraced as ONE with Jesus as His strength was flowing through me and restoring me to wholeness.  I was aware that I was being promised a complete recovery and needed to go back to earth to complete what I had been created for."
SOBE during surgical procedure without anesthesia.

Suzette J Experiences  10/24/2013 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I had, all things considered, this fear of the unknown, and was very scared. And then after a few seconds, I calmed down as if somebody was dictating it to me. This humming sound went down at the level of my belly, transformed into a ball of white translucent light surrounded with blue, that I felt but did not see it (important). Colors can be perceived at the energetic level. For me it was a feeling.  Suddenly this light mounted some 10cm above my belly. And there I don't remember this lapse of time more or less short. The only thing that I try again and again, is to get my right leg moving, I realized that I could lift it and get it down but the problem was this, that I went through the sofa, so no physical contact!
Simple SOBE with remarkable changes in her life.

Salvador H Experience  10/23/2013  From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Manuel.  I was very sick with high fever and when I laid down at night, I felt I was on another place. Without feeling my body, I was seeing a river and at a distance a woman with open arms inviting me to come close. I did that and when I hugged her, all around us was resplendent with a light different from the light of day. Thus embraced I was seeing how our bodies were light as well. I felt an ecstasy indescribable by words, something like that I had never experienced before.
STE with unconditional love.

Lina C Experiences  10/5/2013 From the UK. I'd been in labor all night and was in so much pain. I'd been left with a student nurse. A senior nurse came in the morning and checked us, she told the student that we were both in distress. I remember being rushed suddenly in to the delivery room and the room filled up with doctors and nurses. I was on the delivery bed and there was a clock on the wall in front of me. My feet were put in stirrups and the doctor immediately made a cut and inserted forceps. He gripped my son's head with the forceps and started to rotate and pull him. The pain was excruciating. I heard and felt a horrific piercing scream and at that moment I was above the delivery table, in the corner of the room on the ceiling and I was now looking down on the clock from the left hand side of the bed (the clock was to my right). I could hear this terrific screaming but could feel nothing at all.  Suddenly I was back in my body and my son was being born and I could see the clock once more in front of me as the nurse announced the time of birth at 8.04.
SOBE at time of painful delivery.

Sherrie T Experience  10/12/2013  Smoke was billowing or barreling into the room! It was moving and churning and the colors were dark, gray and white all swirling together. I was amazed that they were letting someone smoke in the room. I know realize this may have really been the beginning of the infamous "tunnel" forming. Then I thought how sad it would be that I would not be there to see someone else raise my baby/son as I was fading away pretty quickly at this point.
Difficult delivery.  Saw ‘smoke’ in room- she wonders if this was the beginning of an NDE tunnel, though she was conscious at time.

Stephen R Experience  10/5/2013 I was so excited and my wife was scared. Then she got out to make a call, and when she put in a dime, coins poured out into her hands as well.  When I saw that, tears started rolling down my face. When she god back into the car, I said - I have something to confess. I asked her about a certain night when they had chicken to eat with green beans, her Dad was wearing a white t-shirt sitting at the dinner table, I described what she was wearing, her brother was wearing, and what was on TV. She said, stop it - you're scarring me. I said, that's not all. Afterward I asked the "cosmic consciousness", whatever is out there, and if it was real, I want to see money literally pouring into my hands .. and my wife's also.  I had almost forgotten about that, until I saw her at the pay phone. It dawned on me what I had asked for, and it had to wait till she came back for it to happen.
Remarkable OBE with verified observations at a far distance.  Remarkable also that he asked for ‘cosmic consciousness’, if real, to see ‘money literally pouring into my hands’.  And it happened.

Natasha C Experiences  10/5/2013 Just put my children to bed. My husband were sitting in bed, talking - all of sudden, I felt a tremendous pressure in my head and there was an audible vibration in my ears. I closed my eyes for a second to try and find some kind of balance. At which point, it felt like I was moving very fast. I could feel a massive amount of energy and pressure surrounding my body - the sensation wasn't painful or anything, just incredibly powerful. I remember thinking to myself "hmmm, I wonder how far I can go with this" My curiosity at the time was tempered by the fact that I was only in control of the choice of whether I wanted to continue or end it. I had no control over the energy that was sucking me through this long vortex like thing. As I continued moving, I could feel myself gaining momentum - the vibration and noise was deafening, although it didn't hurt my ears. At some point, my curiosity was over ruled by my sense of autonomy. In the instant I said "no" - everything stopped and I dropped very fast.
Two SOBEs which she stopped by willing them to stop.

Natasha C Experiences  10/5/2013 There was a desk with people taking tickets to get on the boat. One of the women was my youngest daughter. When she saw me she gave me a huge smile and told me that she had my ticket. I asked her if she was coming with me...she just smiled and ignored the question. It was kind of like "Stepford Wives" ...She just ushered me into the line and said "don't worry mom, it's beautiful...you'll love it".  There were numerous men in uniforms helping the passengers onto the boat. The engines were running but something didn't feel hunky dory right...everything looked okay but, it still felt wrong. I think it was the ocean that distracted me - it was cold and it felt empty.
Interesting dream aboard an extraterrestrial spaceship.

Enocia J Experience  9/29/2013 From the UK.  I reminded myself of Love/God's omnipresence and that I am loved and safe.  I felt tremendous peace and relaxed.  It was then I realized what I was experiencing was very similar to the many out of body experiences I've had in the past, though they've occurred while I've been asleep or been in meditation. It was the first time I was having one while fully awake. I tried to get up but my body felt really heavy and the room was still spinning really fast so I stayed put. The urge to sleep was very strong but I had a feeling that I needed to stay awake at all costs or I would die… I was very much alert throughout the experience. I was also aware that I was experiencing myself from two positions - human and as the observer.
SOBE at time of apparent illness.

Lisa P Experiences  9/29/2013  I noticed I was floating and could move at a very high speed.  I would kick up and go straight through the roof, and then kick down and come right back.  I would fly around the apartment and have to hold on to sinks and doors, just to stop I was moving so fast, most everything was a blur when I was moving.  I was in the kitchen, and was holding on to the sink, and did another kick up, and went into another kitchen.  I saw what looked like beer bottles on the sink, and got them one by one and emptied them in the sink and threw them away.  then I went back down and flew around more.  I was in total Awe as to how PEACEFUL I felt and Happy I was...  Not a care in the world, just flying and free of any worries or anyone.
Two OBE.

Dakota Experience  9/29/2013  Then the gun went off I remembered the scene went black and I could feel the exact spot he had the gun, I could feel that part of my skull. I could feel the bullet enter my skull, go through my brain come out of the roof of my mouth and continue on till it felt like it left the bottom of my jaw. After that I jumped out of bed crying and scared with the same pain running in a straight line through the top of my head all the way to the bottom of my jaw. All the while being that young I thought that I had died.
Past life remembrance dream at age 6.

Marcus Experience  9/29/2013  I fell asleep telling myself I would try to induce an out of body experience (OBE). I became consciously aware of my self while in a dream and sat up in bed. I stood up next to my bed and began to realize that I was separated from my body. My room was exactly as it is in reality. It was dark, the glow of a street light coming in from the window was there. It was very real. I turned to see myself lying in bed. I saw the blanket and the bed and my general form and then became very frightened and did not allow myself to look at my face. I tried to scream for my wife. I was paralyzed, unable to scream and closed myself out of the whole experience. I woke up after a few seconds of absolute terror calling my wife's name (she was in bed next to me).
Two induced OBEs.

Nora M Experience  9/17/2013  From the UK.  I had my eyes shut next and I saw my Maternal Grandmother sitting on a bench with two other people. She was wearing a red cardigan. (AT THIS POINT, I MUST MENTION THAT MY MOTHER HAD AN OLD BLACK AND WHITE PHOTO OF THIS SCENE WHICH I REMEMBER AS I WAS GROWING UP.) Back to the experience - the bench was around the edge of a children's playground and I could hear children chanting my name, as if they were playing a game.  Then I opened my eyes - I was still kneeling with my arm around my husband's shoulder. The pain had stopped! I felt such peace… I feel this was a 'partial' NDE which never developed because I was brought back from the edge by an answered prayer.
Prayer experience at time of painful delivery.

Brenda M Experience  9/17/2013  I could now discern that it was saying words, not just screeching, but because I was only three years old, I had neither the knowledge or experience to really understand what it was saying.  Something it said frightened me and I fled back to my bedroom, climbed back into my crib and fell asleep.  This experience was far more vivid and real than a dream and I have remembered it vividly down through the years… The event gave me a sense of purpose and removed my fear of death.  I am still afraid of OTHER people in my life dying, and I fear the process of dying, but I have no fear of death itself.  I KNOW that life continues after death… Although I am not sure what my beliefs were before the experience, I was so young, I know the event had a profound effect on me.  It made me intensely interested in religions, spirituality, etc. and I became certain of an afterlife.
STE at age 3.  Shared 49 years later.

Jonita K Experience  9/17/2013  From Canada.  Then I was shown what my life would be like if I stayed where I was now in heaven. I saw the difference and I knew as I watched the first part of facing the treatments I did not want to go back. I wanted to stay where I was. Loved, protected, surrounded in perfect love and peace. I saw what would happen to my parents, my younger brother, younger by a year than me, and my other family members. I don't remember what I saw but I do know without a doubt that it was far from good...so many people lost somehow, and hurt in some way. When Jesus was done showing me, I remember turning frontwards again, He looked at me, bent His head a little...like a parent does when sitting next to their kid talking about something important, and said now you can choose what you want to do. You can go back and go through all you've seen here, and if you go back you will have to go through everything, or you can stay here.
STE dream at age 6-8 during a time she was receiving treatment for a rare cancer.

Marvin D Experience  9/17/2013 From Canada.  During the course of this experience I was able to learn things about my birth which were unknown to me.  Later I was able to learn from my parents that my birth had been especially difficult.  During delivery I had become lodged in the birth canal and was pulled free by my left arm, the then subsequently using something called a high forceps delivery.  This apparently caused significant bruising to my face and head.  I think of this as a pre-birth near death experience… Some of the events of my birth which I experienced, were later verified as having taken place as I related them to my parents.
Birth remembrance during Reiki session.

Jennifer R Experience  9/17/2013  As I gazed upon these eyes I knew instantly that this was my creator. I was not told " I am your creator ", I just knew with every cell in my being who it was , as if every cell in my body corresponded with him in alignment to the past , present, and future. I merged with him, with his knowledge, with his love, with everything that was, and yet remained an individual. As I looked into his eyes, they appeared to look like crystal like the glass they use in lighthouses that reflected colors so bright and vivid that you became a part of them and they with you. As I looked passed the crystal into the center of his eye, it was as a gateway, a gateway to all of the knowledge that he had of every person, event, feeling, past present and future. Every sense that I had was at maximum 100 fold to what the body can accomplish, the earthly body in comparison was maybe a 1%. I knew everything he knew, there was nothing specifically I can recall it was just a feeling, I became one with the knowledge, if I had to compare it to an earthly feeling, it was as if, having amnesia for your whole life, then when you wake up (die) you remember instantly who you are.
STE with God encounter.

John Experience  9/8/2013  I felt a overwhelming sense of peace, and love, and acceptance.  This other consciousness seemed to completely fill me and we seemed to occupy the same space, as if we where one, but there was me and it together but separate.  Then this other being said "I love you".  That was shocking too but by then I had been in the wonderful presence of this being for awhile and it made sense when it spoke about love, since that's all I was feeling then.  Not just a human love but an all penetrating love, almost narcotic but much more powerful.
SOBE from a physician.

Amber T Experience  9/8/2013 From New Zealand. As I went into a contraction and through a contraction, and as it peaked and subsided, at the same time and parallel to it I went into a spiritual 'test'.  I realised that I was being put through an initiation.  The test got more intense as the contraction peaked, and as it subsided and I passed the test, then the intensity subsided and ended as the contraction stopped.  It was like waves rushing up onto a beach, reaching a point on the sand, and retreating back again.  I was aware that life and everything operates in waves or cycles, and cycles within cycles.  When you go through an experience, you go through a point which you have to pass back through to complete the experience. Each contraction was becoming more intense, and more difficult, just as each test was.  It paralleled each other.  But as I came through a contraction and passed another test and went onto the next one, then I was getting closer to the baby being born and simultaneously, enlightenment.  I had to pass each test at a high spiritual level. 
Stunning STE at the time of delivery.

Nick R Experience  9/8/2013  From the UK  Well, then I was up and out of the flat, 'pulled' out of my body, hundreds of feet above, in the sky( did I mention it was about 11p.m?), looking around the cities (between Johannesburg and Pretoria is Midrand) I could see the millions of lights below,  a great sense of ease, or peace filled me, as I was 'turned' and was now zooming at a spectacular speed towards the stars, I noticed that so many others (people's spirits, looking like little bright shooting stars) coming with me, from all over the world, all of us 'zooming' towards a hugely distant, but somehow very near, tremendous light that was on a 'horizon' in the heavenly sky.
SOBE while walking across floor.

Boone G Experiences  9/8/2013  Every time I was roof dreaming or playing hide and seek I was fully awake. Fully awake. Sometimes I would sit up there frustrated that I had no idea how to wake my family or neighbors. I had no idea what a UFO was. If I may have seen one back in 1965 on TV or magazine.....they probably were the std mid sixty type saucer UFO . The ones I saw were pretty much like the CE types. Note: as an adult I would wake in a dream and be stating at the exact same ships while standing in a field. I had no idea where I was..... I did not care either- too focused on the light ships.
Multiple OBEs starting at around age 7-8.

Karen's Experience  9/8/13 Sandy was sitting in my lap facing me with her back against the dashboard. She was no longer pregnant. And she was only a torso and a head. Her limbs were gone. She was struggling to breath. Her face showed clear evidence of pain as she tried to get air. I lifted her up so her torso would hang down strait below her making it helpful for her to breath. She thanked me and a look of calm came over her face as she was able to breath. Her attacks started coming more frequently where she was uncomfortable and gasping for air. Each time I would lift her up she would thank me, Eventually, she yelled at me and told me to stop it!  She said it was becoming painful. She looked me in the eyes and she said "tell them to let me go!" Then I woke up.  I knew my friend had an aggressive brain tumor. The last I had heard just a little over a month before was that she was doing pretty good. So this dream really shook me.
Dream involving friend dying of brain cancer.

Damien R Experience  8/31/2013 From New Zealand. Through my heart I could feel a massive channel of pure energy coursing. I felt my body ''physical and emotional'' was still so dense and blocked by memories and limiting concepts.  This denseness constrained the energy. Yet I felt it fully, perfectly. It was tremendously powerful, like a thick rope of solid energy running vertically through me.  It was more than a feeling of love. It was knowing that I am love. I am energy. That is the nature underlying the mind and perceived reality. There was no separation. Only my mind had separated me. It was wonderful, extraordinary. It was the coming home I had yearned for all my life. "I", Damien, was still present like an observer but I knew that my so-called identity was not lasting or real, only words and images and feelings I had assumed for this lifetime.
Profound mediation experience.

Duana L Experience  8/31/2013 From Canada. There was an open door to my left that I had been instructed to go through but I hesitated because I was torn between the thought of my children and the immense feeling of peace, expansiveness and amazing well being that is impossible to describe, that I was experiencing in the small room.  I did not want to leave that feeling.  I knew I was instructed to go through the door but I knew there would be no returning to my children if I did.  I hesitated and stayed in that room long enough that my husband spoke to me and when he did I was instantly back in the bed.  I was mad that he had interrupted such a beautiful experience… It is possible that it was psychological but how could my husband initiate this through prayer?
Husband prayed, and she had an OBE.

Robert B Experience 8/31/13 One of the pilots or maybe the flight engineer was calling off the altitude of the plane as it approached the runway. I heard the countdown 40...30....20...20...It sounded like the number 20 was repeated several times. The co-pilot said that "we're over the threshold". He was concerned that the plane had touched down to far down the runway. I felt the plane touch down fairly hard and both pilots were frantically working the controls to slow the plane down. The next moment in the "Dream" I was standing in a marsh looking at the port side of the jet. It had overshot the runway and it's nose was in the water on an angle. I could see that the plane was a DC-10, from it's profile. Then I woke up. It was about 2:15 or 2:30 when I awoke.
Premonition Dream of airline crash that actually happened.

Maisie S Experience  8/31/2013  I woke up to someone kissing me....I opened my eyes in the OBE state and saw his soul energy, his aura, his vibration...His energy was in white and gold, he was vibrating so brightly it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw...The feeling was t his amazing feeling of Love...All I got from him over and over is I love you, I love you, I love you...the feeling was all encompassing and amazingly healing...it engulfed me and filled me with warm fuzzies...I tried to stay out of my body for as long as I could to feel his energy but after about 35-40 seconds I fell back into my body...I asked  him the next day if he was meditating on Sunday night, he said yes, I asked did you send me Love? he said always...
SOBE with special friend.

John P Experiences  8/25/13 I was then in a very dark endless void, with a light in the upper left hand corner that is very hard to describe. It was very bright, but you could look at it and not hurt your eyes. there was also knowledge in the light, but I cannot really describe it.  Then a being appeared to my right, which I could identify as make, however all I could see was the silhouette of the being, but I could sense it was a male. The being "said" to me, "Your father is going to die." The being more communicated it to me in a telepathic sense. I then snapped back into consciousness instantly and was very freaked out.  I told a close friend about it within a few minutes, and called my mom back home the same day to relay the story to her. I also told her to tell my father to go to the doctor. He did not, and died of a massive heart attack a month later.
Meditation experience with OBE and premonition about the death of his father a month later.

Charlotte H Experience  8/25/2013  I asked if she remembered when I had 'the dream', cause up until now, that was all I thought it was, a dream. She said yes, she remembered. I told her this is where I was! She didn't doubt me, she just listened. I told her just down the road there would be a motel with different colored awnings. And across the street a two story building, with outside ornate staircase, windows with shutters, etc.  With that she started the car and we were both somewhat startled, when sure enough a single story motel with awnings, but not colored different. The awnings tan and brown. But the building across the street was exactly as I described it. I decided to ask the people at the motel about the outside of the motel. The motel clerk, (was actually the owner) She hadn't had the motel very long, so she didn't know. But she knew of some postcards in the basement that were from the past owners. She retrieved them. The postcards revealed that the awnings were just as I described 5 years ago!
OBE.  Remarkably evidential- verified OBE view of buildings in New Zealand (she lived in the USA) five years later. 

Sarah M Experience  8/18/2013 My experience was the presence of a very beautiful woman who appeared first by changing a radio station to a country music station. I listen only to rock. we were in a car. She waved above and the roof opened to a clear brilliant sky with clouds of sparkling clarity. It was odd as I had terrible blurry vision.  In this clarity was a brightness of light. Then I was enveloped in a feeling of great incredible love, beautiful.  This feeling was unimaginable to me, a feeling I had no awareness of ever knowing, having experienced an unhappy home, poverty, work stress and an  unhappy marriage.  I never wanted this feeling to stop.  Unfortunately I had to come back. And get up to go to work. This was merely a dream. I still cannot forget… How could I dream about a feeling I had never known?
OBE at time husband was very sick.

Ned Experience  8/18/2013 I was in perfect health at the time of the experience.  This was an OBE, not an NDE.  Nevertheless I think my experience is relevant because had I not returned to my body I would no longer be here… I left my body, I basically sat up without my body.  I focused on my body, then on the room about me, and ended up in a place full of very happy angelic like beings.  I then realized I needed to come back, so I did, with quite a jolt I must say.  There was a kind of silver chord leading me back but re-entry was not smooth.
Brief description of an SOBE at age 10.  Shared 45 years later.

Wendi C Experiences  8/18/13 The out of body experience occurs on waking.  I am fully awake and aware.  There are no bright lights, or anything which could be considered unusual.  I am floating at ceiling level and, able to look down upon myself in bed.  This lasts a short while, maybe, a couple of minutes, then I go back into my body.  At this point, although I am in my body, I cannot move and, I cannot speak.  I find this part frightening as, try as I might and despite a determination to move or, to cry for help from my husband, I cannot.  This paralysis lasts for a few minutes.  I then return to normal.  I have no warning when these episodes will occur.  They do not link in to any particular life event, illness, etc.  I have experienced them over more than three decades, but not for the last couple of years.  That said, the episodes happen in an irregular way and, sometimes with a number of years between them.
OBE dream with associated sleep paralysis occurring over decades.

Sam K Experiences  8/12/2013 If I wanted to, I could feel the walls, the table, the window and everything outside the window. If I wasn't sensing it or feeling it, it was my choice. It was nice gentle feeling. A kind of mix of curiosity and a sense of wonder. A few minutes passed like that. I was relaxed, completely opened up mind in all directions. It cannot be described in words. It was experience of void. It was beyond good or bad. Then suddenly a thought/sensation/feeling arose inside me that it's not my time to be here yet. With that, I was almost pushed back into my mind, into my body and the body and mind functions began again.
Hindu meditation experience.

Jules M Experience  8/12/2013 After maybe a hundred or so life episodes, a fixed scene reminding me of a   Picasso cartoon like drawing of I didn't know what, and said  aloud "what's this" and he repied "Oh, you came from another galaxy" and then the scene in my head changed to an image of a red binary star, then a view of a planet, first an image of it  with the red binary sun in the background, and then a closer view like from a few hundred miles above this planet's surface, notable  features were few, little variation in elevation with lakes large and small scattered about.  And I said aloud "what's this?" and  his reply was "you are going to another galaxy"!!!  And then I  he said "there's 105 billion people and the brutes are in charge."  And at this time what felt like a download started in my brain  with an activity I felt above my right ear.  This activity continued for maybe ten minutes after the movie in my head stopped and now it feels like I have an encyclopedia of knowledge about this planet.
Interesting spontaneous multiple past life remembrances, including lives on non-earthly planets.

Kristen W Experience  8/4/2013 Then an extremely bright light came into the room and drew my soul closer to it.  I knew that I was being drawn into the presence of the Creator who I recognized as God the Father.  I could not see His "body" as He was bathed in incredibly bright light that did not hurt my eyes to look at.  I was drawn as closer to what I understood was a threshold.  Upon meeting the threshold the Father spoke firmly to me in thought "Understand that you have to go back." I consented.  I was immediately drawn into the fullness of His Presence.  It was immediate and shocking ecstasy of my soul as I was swept into communion with Him.  I felt as if my being would be completely annihilated.  He allowed me to experience this for a moment, then turned me away showing me all of creation.  My soul seemed to expand into timelessness and infinity and I became one with everything in heaven and earth and the universe. 
STE at time of spiritual crisis at age 17.

Miguel B Experience  7/29/2013 Original in Spanish.  Translated to English by Manuel.  Suddenly I saw how several silhouettes with human shape blue-gray in color were coming in trough the door. At least some 10 - 15 of these beings came in, truly had human form, consisting of men, women and children. None of them had a face so I could not see their features. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing and even thought that it was a nightmare but I looked at the clock on the wall and verified the minutes were passing by and that every thing was real and not a nightmare. I got very scared, I truly did not understand what my eyes were seeing and at the same time it was incredible to see something like that. They all set themselves around my bed and started to pray as a group. What I thought was they were looking for me and it was the time of my death. Next was to close my eyes and started to pray as well.  
Miraculous healing through prayer.

Karen M Experience  7/28/2013  In fact, it was clear that there was no 'need' for forgiveness - there was only LOVE.  I felt completely accepted and loved. I felt very safe. I heard several different 'voices' talking at once inside me.  One was saying, "Wow, this is incredible!"  Another was saying, "Whoa, this is too much!"  Another was saying, "Thank you so much for coming to me, this is great, but could you please leave now?"  When I heard that voice, I noticed that the Golden Light started to 'move away' or grow smaller.  I remembered reading in a book that believers can ask for the Holy Spirit, so I quickly added (silently, telepathically), but please give me the Holy Spirit before you go.  When I thought that, I felt a wind blow through me and I saw a figure that looked like me but that seemed to hold all my heaviness, go out of me or off of me, as if a garment were being blown away by the wind. And then the Golden Light moved far to my left and disappeared.
STE during difficult time in her life.

Paul R Experience  7/28/2013  From Canada.  Kind of like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she goes from a drab black and white world to Technicolor.  I didn’t know these men but they knew me, and they wanted me to remember what I was seeing and what they were saying to me (although words were not necessary where I was.) There was this huge red cliff behind the tree and it was full of holes. They said “the holes represented youth who had not realized their potential.“ I understood they were referring to youth who had committed suicide.  They told me “you know what to do about this; you can help eliminate this barrier”. Then I was back, and I didn’t know what to make of the experience. It was completely real. Later, I did research and found out that the two men were holy First Nations men from the 1800s: Black Elk, a Sioux visionary, and Walking Buffalo (George McLean) a former Chief of the Nakoda First Nation.
Remarkable STE with a message involving vision of Native American Sioux leaders.  The contributor is Caucasian.

Günes Experience  7/28/2013  From Turkey.  Original in Turkish, translated to English by Aylin.  A night, about ten p.m., I took a magazine to read, lay in my bed and somehow I was carried away. When I opened my eyes, I found myself at the ceiling, my face was touching the ceiling. I could feel the cold ceiling. I was scared that I would fall down and tried to hold the ceiling with my hands. I didn't think that I was dead at this point, that thought didn't even enter my mind. Outside of our apartment was a cafe, I could hear the voices very clear as if I was being with them.
Muslim SOBE as a child.

Brad Experiences  7/28/2013  My uncle who had recently died while I was in the hospital - came to my doorway at my hospital room to check on me.  He was talking with other people/beings.  I had no way of knowing that he had died while I was in the hospital...yet I knew it.  No one had to tell me… While I was in this altered state of consciousness; I do clearly remember a man being brought into Hopkins that had been shot.  He had his entire family and doctors around him.  He did not survive, but there were others there to help him.  I wasn't actually in the same room with him, nor did I actually hear any of this with my own hearing.  This was definitely more of a situation that I simply knew - I sensed it, without actually seeing any of it…
Other experiences while very ill with peritonitis.  Sensed uncle’s presence- uncle had died and he did not know it.  Saw entity working on his knee in hospital.


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